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Spotlight Song: “Go Somewhere”

August 5, 2010

Every artist has one…that song that epitomizes their artistry, beautifies their personality and overall, emphasizes the essence of their expression. Spotlight songs aren’t always the ones that soared the charts or even commanded accompanying music videos. They weren’t always singles, or feature songs, but those diamond-in-the-rough, undeniable favorites. These songs most accurately capture the artist(s) at their most vulnerable and revealing angles.

This Edition: rapper, hip/hop artist Devin the Dude

Hailing from the streets of Houston, rapper Devin the Dude has been an integral, yet sometimes underrated element of today’s hip-hop scene. With a blunt, yet comical delivery, “the Dude’s” music often touches on ordinary aspects of his own life, with topics ranging from failed interjections with women, smoking weed, his bucket of a car and the desperate search for his next hit song. From producing songs with a home-made flavor, to appearing on Dr. Dre’s song “Fuck You,” off the “2001” album, the Dude has been quietly putting his mocking stamp on rap music for years. His albums range from “The Dude” (1998) to his latest, “Suite 420” (2010).

Spotlight Song: Go Somewhere, off his second album “Just Tryin’ ta Live.” (January 2002)

This track is beautifully sandwiched in the middle of one of the Dude’s finest albums. With a soulfully charged bass-beat, fresh studio claps and some angelic lead guitar harmonizing the background, Devin raps about his everyday pet-peeves, from club bouncers, busted parties and his woman calling the police on him. Whereas Jimmy Buffet sang about beaches and margaritas during a stressful week, Devin retorts to his problems with cheerful retreats, whether by his sneakers or a fresh burn of bud. This tune showcases his playful humor, carefully bordered with the smooth attitude of a member of the late G-funk era. As always, it’s the perfect antidote in times of anger, frustration or trouble. Call it a musical “Fuck it!”

Best lines:
But, for the time being, pitch in the hat
Play some dominoes, spades or something, where the bitches at?
Who got the weed? Fuck it, I’ll be the square-roller,
Roll that shit so big you swear I was a shareholder

Until it’s sour, ’bout in half an hour,
Shower, take a shit and wipe my ass with your favorite bath towel

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