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Recap: Dirt Nasty Live @ Webster Hall in New York, NY

August 12, 2010

Comedy rapper Dirt Nasty took to a crowded stage at Webster Hall in New York City last night, where the white boy premiered multiple songs from his newest album Nasty as I Wanna Be, which debuted Tuesday, August 10th.

The show was a quirky display of white boy rap at its finest, with incessant suggestions to “suck my dick” by Nasty himself. Joining him onstage wasn’t a posse of rappers and thugs with white towels spinning, but life size, cardboard cutouts of Abraham Lincoln, a police officer, an astronaut and of course, the Three Stooges. The simplicity of Nasty’s set up was enough to make you feel like a stooge for watching, although one has to succumb to playfulness and even carelessness of his act; it adds to the comical value.

Throwing his arms around Lincoln’s shoulders, Nasty opened his album release party properly with “Nasty as I Wanna Be,” while making room for classics such as “Cracker Ass Fantastic” and “1980.” The laughter really exploded when Nasty donned a rice paddy hat and Asian kimono, singing “Big in Japan.”

Before closing with his internet classic “1980,” Dirt Nasty threw a mean stage dive into the crowd, apparently injuring himself and prompting me to question if the set list didn’t run a measly 1 hour for other reasons. Nasty properly jumped back on stage and notified the crowd that he believed he broke his nose…and he sounded thrilled about it.

“1980” attracted multiple concert-goers on stage, in a massive, mixed dance session that enveloped Dirt Nasty, who sang behind the moving bodies in an impressive show of artistry and excitement.

Overall, the show was an exciting display of one of today’s more brilliant comic minds. Without the showmanship and proper delivery, one might misunderstand Dirt Nasty as an arrogant white boy rapper, when really, there is so much less to see through. Drink four more beers and tell me what you think…

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