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Secret Iron & Wine Show Reveals the Charming Nature of Modern Communication and Music

January 28, 2011

Last night the snow began to fall in Brooklyn.

I had just gotten off the phone with Jeremy Lee Given, a talented musician from dum-da-da-dum… Knoxville, Tennessee. Given’s debut album, Old Flames, is a testament to the do-it-yourself and do-it-well attitude of so many indie artists today. (That interview will be posted in time, as I give my first publication rights to Blank Newspaper.)

Sam Beam can rest well in his tranquil, woodsy background, knowing that the Iron & Wine publicity team is cranking the social media catapult to the applause of millions.

As I hung up, I received a call from another friend from work who notified me that the SoHo Apple Store was passing out wristbands at 9 a.m. the following morning for a spontaneously scheduled, FREE, performance by Iron and Wine, to take place Friday night. I was well aware that Sam Beam was bringing his Americana superpowers to Radio City Music Hall Saturday night; hard not to be with IRON AND WINE plastered all around the up-and-coming bar lining the famous venue.

In yesterday’s age, before the Tweets, blogs, e-mail updates and instant messages, it’s hard to believe these secret shows would carry the same luster they do today. Hell, not only would I have not received word from my friend of the show, I wouldn’t have even been able to blog about it.

Despite nearly seven inches of pounding snowfall Wednesday night, the dedicated and well-informed listeners did emerge from the tundra to collect their individually-issued wristbands. The small-setting show in Apple’s hip store on Prince Street will be a fitting warmup for Beam and his bandmates before a Radio City Music Hall show that concludes the American leg of his 2010 tour in support of the new album Kiss Each Other Clean. Iron and Wine open the Euro-end of their tour February 2nd in Stockholm, Sweden.

Beam has the rock-and-roll lifestyle by the throat, scheduling extensive international tours and headlining historic venues (i.e. Radio City this Saturday.) Yet he has also maintained that special, grassroots relationship with his fan base, scheduling these secret shows with the help of social media, that integral outlet of our new, growing music world.

The snow keeps falling and the world keeps tweeting.

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