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Song Snack of the Day: I Melt With You

February 12, 2011

Today’s song snack is a special tribute to my girlfriend Samantha, who is celebrating her 23rd birthday today. We like to consider “I Melt With You” our song; I think because we were humming it in bed to a Taco Bell commercial.

Side note: I applaud Taco Bell for purchasing this song’s licensing rights in what I consider some of the most memorable fast-food commercials and effective marketing schemes. “I Melt With You” is the optimum tune to slow-mo shots of stringy cheeses dangling from hot quesadilla slices.

I like to keep the personal stuff to a minimum on what I consider a music news site. However, how could I resist showing her off?

British rockers and 1980s icons Modern English penned this classic on their 1982 album After the Snow. Since then, the song has been licensed for commercials for M&M’s, Taco Bell and Burger King, as well as appearances in numerous movies and television shows.

Oh and it was pretty much the staple song to 2001’s high-school comedy “Not Another Teen Movie,” aside Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me).”

Multiple artists have openly covered the song, including Good Riddance, Mest, Jason Mraz, Saves the Day, Sugarcult and a Bizkit-less Fred Durst.

My friend Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting guitarist Gary McDowell and drummer Ric Chandler while covering the Forecastle Music Festival last July. I can personally say that it was one of the most pleasant artists interviews I’ve been involved with. McDowell even cheersed Kevin and I to some frosty, refreshing Bluegrass Brews, a la the Bluegrass Brewery of Louisville.

So enjoy what is assuredly one of the 1980s timeless classics and put on a special song for your significant other on their special day.

Happy birthday baby.

Let’s melt together.

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