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Arcade Fire Manager Denies Grammy Scheme

February 26, 2011

Scott Rodger is facing a lot of adversity in his position as manager for indie-rock champions Arcade Fire.

Many would think after the Canadian ensemble picked up the sacred Album of the Year award and performed TWO songs, the second to close out the awards ceremony, how could things be any better?

Actually, according to Rodger’s statement, they couldn’t…

The band make great albums, they’re not a radio driven singles band. On top of that, they own their own masters and copyrights and are in complete control of their own destiny. Things couldn’t be better.

While the Grammy Award for Album of the Year now safely rests at Arcade Fire headquarters, there's no denying the controversey and speculation that surround one of the most talked-about Grammy wins in history.

However, it was their second song performance particularly that caught the attention of record executive Steve Stoute, who took out a $40,000 advertisement in the New York Times, criticizing the Grammys for its suspicious placement of Arcade Fire’s second song performance to occur directly after winning the final presentation for Album of the Year, amongst other blunders.

According to Rodgers, the band was told by Grammy producers that they would be given the opportunity to close out the ceremony with by accompanying credits music. There was no guarantee that the band would even be seen or heard on the televised broadcast.

Apparently the end of the show, following the Album of the Year presentation, draws the lowest ratings. Therefore, a second performance by Arcade Fire would be most acceptable, as most artists only get one shot at the stage in an event with little time space to distribute.

Stoute’s letter inspired additional criticisms of the awards show from other industry notables, including Bob Lefsetz, whose blog posting sparked the e-mail retaliation from Rodgers.

The Suburbs win for Album of the Year at least drew hearty applause from an unlikely music comrade. Rapper Kanye West spread his praise via Twitter mere moments after the victory.

kanyewest #Arcade fire!!!!!!!!! There is hope!!! I feel like we all won when something like this happens! FUCKING AWESOME!

When you got a maniacally, ego-driven megastar on your side, what are some tough words from a record executive really worth?

I don’t think anybody really knows and in two more days nobody will even care.

Or remember.

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