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Song Snack of the Day: “Love and Leave” –Scattered Trees

March 2, 2011

Today’s song snack of the day comes at the heels of the song’s music video release. At the very least, it’s a ‘small’ tribute to the Star Wars saga, with a loosely based interpretation of “Episode IV: A New Hope.”

Chicago band Scattered Trees, whose new album Sympathy drops April 5th, are quickly building a reputation as one of the spring’s hottest bands.

I had the pleasure of interviewing lead singer/guitarist Nate Eiesland, which is featured in this month’s issue of Blank Newspaper in Knoxville, Tennessee. (The interview will also be made available via Hot Hot Music.) Ironically, I also ran into the band at a pizza joint in the Lower East Side following their performance at the Rockwood Music Hall last Saturday.

But on to the song…

“Love and Leave” is one of many heartfelt ballads on Sympathy, however its terrifically catchy melody is perhaps the most powerful. This is certainly proof of the band’s maturation since their 2008 record, Songs for my Grandfather.

Reminiscent of classic Band of Horses, sleek slide guitar sets the tempo for Eiesland’s memorable chorus lines and of course, an appropriately placed buildup to straighten the hairs on the back of your neck.

We’ll be the only ones/we’ll be the only ones/to remember this…

(You can find a photo-diary of the band’s filming at Eiesland’s blog, On Your Marks.)

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  1. Rocket Mike permalink
    March 2, 2011 10:13 pm

    Thank you Pat for keeping the people informed on what good music actually sounds like and for spitting the HOTTEST of fire ever spit.

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