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Ultimate Skateboard Playlist: Easy Riders

March 10, 2011

In honor of my new Bustin Boards Strike Model longboard, I have decided to share with you my optimal skateboarding playlist. (Be sure to visit their website, where you can custom build your own boards and have them shipped to you wherever you are. Hell, you could be jamming to my list, rolling past walking suckers in a few days flat!)

My Strike model Bustin longboard is the newest concrete eater in Brooklyn. Yet, like vehicles of all types, excellent music is a necessity in a pleasant trip.

Whether its a sunny spring day or a blazing summer afternoon, taking a breezy cruise on four wheels is a tranquil thing. Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of cruising through Williamsburg’s friendly paved streets in Brooklyn, the smooth foundation brought to you by the endless light of Times Square and all the streets and bridges in between.

But before I share this juicy list of classic rolling tracks with you, be sure to use extreme caution in operating a skateboard or longboard with headphones in, as ear impairment is a crucial loss to your use of your senses and the delivery of your body, intact, to its rad destination.

Enjoy the ride people! (Don’t forget, you can always shuffle this list to keep it fresh forever.)

1. Pressure Drop –Toots and the Maytals (2:59)

2. Superfast Jellyfish –Gorillaz (2:55)

3. Limitations — Souls of Mischief (3:21)

4. 2 Tone Army — The Toasters (3:19)

5. New Girl — Suicide Machines (2:03)

6. Slow Ride — Beastie Boys (2:57)

7. My Generation — The Who (3:27)

8. Medication — Queens of the Stone Age (1:54)

9. Night of the Living Baseheads — Public Enemy (3:15)

10. I Got the Feelin’ — James Brown (2:38)

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