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Stray Kites Put the “Alternative” in Alternative

March 11, 2011

Somewhere between 1980 and now, ‘alternative’ music got flipped on its head by the man. The charm was gone, the magic, sucked dry.

Now, as we sift through the endless crevices of internet, these millions of music subculture treasures, we rediscover true alternative music, coated in a full body cast in a hospital bed with a thumbs up.

Max Detrich (left) and Junior Roseboro (right) are leading a quiet revolution that radio will never understand; and it's beautiful.

Ashburn, Virginia’s Stray Kites are an inspirational thumbs up, in an industry where the ‘weird’ are often cast aside for trendy electro maniacs and predictable washboard throwbacks.

Stuck somewhere between Ween and the Meat Puppets, the duo of Max Detrich (percussion) and Junior Roseboro (everything else; no literally, everything else), bring total honesty to the forefront of their sound. It’s a genuine attempt at fresh indie lullabies, more playful than serious. Its the background music to a plastic sword dual or a water balloon fight.

Experimental folk swing hasn’t reared its head this beautifully in many moons.

With influences that include Bill Cosby’s sweaters and giraffes, a disassociation with the formula is strongly adhered here. Alternative is not about black and white photos, its bold music like this. Music that can be thrown in the trash twice as easily as its sold.

The boys are self-recording their debut album Mieux, which will be released free later this year. Until then, you can check out their first two singles via their Myspace page or their Bandcamp page. Their song “Misanthrope” is a lyrical trust fund; a philosophy as simple and deeply true as that of our wisest ruralites.

Proclaiming to be wise/They become fools/If knowledge were power/Then we’d rule the world..If time were money/We’d still be dirt poor/In a world without morals/As if there ever were…

On their websites, you will also find the terrific artwork of Lee Caldwell, who has amply given the band its perfect image…vibrant colors, displayed as childishly as kindergarten artwork, that speaks with the eloquence of an aristocrat.

This is a band that has received scarcely any attention. Rightly so, with only two singles available. However, take notice. Music like this is like nice guys; their honesty and unapologetic approach to their ways almost always end up finishing last.

Yet in the end, their victories are smaller and far specialer than any glamorous ceremony.

This sound will work. I just know it. I hope it.

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