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“Life’s Rich Pageant” Reissue by R.E.M. To Be Released

May 5, 2011

Alternative rock pioneers R.E.M. are reissuing a fourth, count ’em, fourth album on July 12th. Hardly more than a month since the release of their 15th studio album, Collapse Into Now, the Georgia-born four-piece are delving into their rich past with the re-release of a deluxe remastered CD.

Even after 30 years of recording, touring and performing, Athens' own R.E.M. are still churning out new material, while reissuing their most classic, original sounds. Charming really.

The re-release of their 1986 effort, Life’s Rich Pageant, follows the band’s previous re-releases of their first three studio albums: Murmur, Reckoning and Fables of the Reconstruction. The latest reissue, via Capitol/I.R.S. Records, features 19 previously unreleased demo tracks on the backside of the disc. Additionally, Mobile Fidelity will release a 180-gram vinyl version of the album; an exact replica of its original release form.

The tracklisting will appear as such:


01 Begin the Begin
02 These Days
03 Fall on Me
04 Cuyahoga
05 Hyena (Album Version)
06 Underneath the Bunker
07 The Flowers of Guatemala
08 I Believe
09 What If We Give It Away?
10 Just a Touch
11 Swan Swan H
12 Superman

CD2 (The Athens Demos):

01 Fall on Me
02 Hyena
03 March Song (King of Birds)
04 These Days
05 Bad Day
06 Salsa (Underneath the Bunker)
07 Swan Swan H
08 Flowers of Guatemala
09 Begin the Begin
10 Cuyahoga
11 I Believe
12 Out of Tune
13 Rotary Ten
14 Two Steps Onward
15 Just a Touch
16 Mystery to Me
17 Wait
18 All the Right Friends
19 Get on Their Way (What If We Give It Away)

To celebrate, enjoy this clip of the band’s performance of the album’s opening track, “Begin The Begin,” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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