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Pandora Radio To Add Comedy Stations

May 8, 2011

Popular internet radio supplier Pandora recently announced its new inclusion of comedy stations to its ever-growing plethora of music radio channels.

“We’re excited to say that we are officially in the business of telling jokes,” Pandora founder Tim Westergren said in a blog post online Wednesday. “As with music, we hope that the Comedy Genome Project will let people enjoy comedy they know as well as discover new talent that they love.”

Pandora Radio is no longer solely in the business of music, but comedy. Users will find a new array of comedy stations avaialable via the internet radio darling.

Users popularized the internet radio sensation for its “Music Genome Project” features, which inherits users’ information on their favorite stations and genres in order to process that data in the form of new, recommended artists and genres.

The new comedy stations will include their own Comedy Genome Project, which included a team of professional comedians who categorized thousands of routines in an effort to better calculate listeners’ preferences. Genres such as “odd juxtaposition” and “extensive vamping” have been included.

While the Oakland, California-based company reported losses of $16.7 million in 2010, the website has proven its capabilities with over 80 million registered users, streaming in excess of 2.1 billion hours of music last year.

For a company that is expanding amidst such loss in today’s recession, Hot Hot Music applauds Pandora for its steadfast loyalty to the music industry and an undying faith that one day, the profits will come.

Until then, let’s just have a laugh about it…

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