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Dr. Dre Premieres New ‘Detox’ Track on Showtime

May 10, 2011

After more than a decade since his last release, 2001, Dr. Dre has been battling rumors and escalating hype surrounding his new album and project Detox.

Dr. Dre's new album has endured a rollercoaster of rumors, false singles and fizzling hype for over a decade now, leaving mere skeptics to receieve any the most legitimate of hot tracks.

While tracks (“Under Pressure”) have found release and rejection, others (“Kush”) have leaked to adoring crowds, eventually sticking to what we can only assume is the Doctor’s final album cut.

However, amidst all the chaos, one Detox track, “Die Hard,”  made a clean entry into the airwaves of listeners last Friday, premiering on the Showtime series Fight Camp 360°. The show is a four-part documentary series examining boxers Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosley as they prepare for their World Welterweight Championship bout.

A video replay of the new track is available here.

The track, which features long-time Dre ally Eminem, is somewhat distant from the throwback G-funk vibrations of The Chronic and 2001, with more fabricated beats that at first, sound more like a Nine Inch Nails B-side. Once the synthesizers enter, it almost feels like an icy funk flash to the future.

The track only reveals a few minutes of itself in the show’s clips, however most would believe the beat and chorus, coupled with a few verses, give an ample glimpse at just how good Detox will be once it finds its long-lost release date.

What kind of reception do you expect following the long-awaited release of Detox?

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