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Pink Floyd Reissue Campaign Begins September

May 10, 2011

Pink Floyd and longtime partner EMI, the music publishing giant, are set to release a series of reissues and special products drawn from the band’s deep legacy. Kicking off September 26th, new CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, digital packages and even iPhone applications will become available.

With Roger Waters and David Gilmour still on an indefinite hiatus, an uncompromisingly loyal fanbase can rejoice in an extremely unique revisit to the Pink Floyd legacy thanks to the music-lovers at EMI.

Entitled Why Pink Floyd…?, the reissue series will carry on until February 27, 2012, with the exciting release of “Experience” and “Immersion” versions of the band’s 1979 double album The Wall. Headlining this plethora of releases is the “Discovery” box-set, which includes all 14 studio albums with accompanying booklets. The first day of the reissues also includes the re-release of the classic Dark Side of the Moon, in the vinyl edition, digital format, two-disc “Experience” edition and the six-disc “Immersion” box-set, complete with bonus DVD and Blu-ray.

November 7th marks the release of Wish You Were Here, which follows Dark Side in its multi-format availability. A new “Best Of” collection will also be made available that day, entitled A Foot in the Door — The Best of Pink Floyd. The single-disc collection will include an assemblage of the band’s greatest hits, spanning all eras.

To top it all off, the release of new, myseterious iPhone applications, as well as an overhaul of their band website are due.

Since there’s no peace treaty in sight for Roger Waters and David Gilmour, this is a nice remedy for crazed Floyd fans everywhere to rest their heads to.

Thanks EMI, for making everyone comfortably numb to this legendary band’s evaporated history.

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