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Turning Your Remains Into A Vinyl

May 14, 2011

A friend sent me an interesting link this week regarding And Vinyl, a British company that provides a unique service to post-mortem body disposal. Rather than burial and cremation for your loved ones, this organization offers to press the ashes of the cremated into vinyl records for preservation.

Here's a screenshot of some creepy portrait covers of vinyl pressers. As And Vinyl puts it, 'live on beyond the groove.'

Don’t worry though; you won’t find yourself pressed to a Tom Petty reissue.

This new-age ‘musical urn’ of sorts even includes options to press the ashes into a record containing your own personal messages, including last wills and testaments. If you’re mic-shy, The House of Fix will provide tailor made tracks or soundscapes to give your record some unique musical flavor.

Personalized covers for your albums can include portraits of the deceased, done by artists James Hague (National Portrait Gallery) and Paul Insect (Street Artist).

Notably, pressing the remains of humans is not all the company offers. Pet ashes are also accepted.

Prices start at £3000, which includes 24 total minutes of recording, 12 on each side, at your disposal. The basic package produces up to 30 copies.

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