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The Real R. Jizzle — New Album Flashes Carolina Rapper’s Talent

May 17, 2011

With the release of his sophomore effort Time To Pretend, The Real R. Jizzle is cranking his buzz from a vibration to a throbbing beat, cementing his status as one of the truest up-and-comers in the North Carolina hip-hop scene.

R. Jizzle's reconstructs the stressful, aggressive nature of rap & hip-hop leaving only the cleanest B-boy beats with playful hooks. It's a refreshing reminder of the music's truest responsibility; to relax you.

Born Rolito Del Rosario Jr., the musician has produced loads of music alongside local rap talent under the moniker “E.D.S.” (Every Day Shit). The Greenville native’s first solo release, Payable On Death, was a true testament to today’s burgeoning basement rap scene; flashes of brilliant lyrical work highlighted by a do-it-yourself, no shame attitude in the home studio.

With Time To Pretend, the album opens with a playful take on the MGMT hit of the same title, reworking the beat into a fantastic new being, channeling the creative reconstruction of a Ratatat-Kid Cudi combo.

This record is not purely reconstructive however; many fresh beats circulate, calling the influences of a wide rap/hip-hop spectrum including early 2Pac, People Under the Stairs and A Tribe Called Quest.

With “City Drive,” the album’s second track, features fellow Greenville natives AyoNic, Doug and Ben-Jammin. The fresh, moving beats are accompanied by relaxing lyrics, delivered with ceaseless effort usually only found behind the steering wheel.

City Drive — The Real R. Jizzle

Other tracks that shine on this album include “Not a Sleepyhead,” “One of those Days” and “Self Made.”

Ultimately, this is an album the critics should steer clear of. Rosario Jr. channels the inner-musician in all of us; playful, tragically against the norm and always ready for a breakthrough.

If you look at it without your blinding stereotypes, it’s a fantastic work of art. Mellow genius.

To listen to both full-length albums for free, you can visit R. Jizzle’s Soundclick page.

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  1. May 17, 2011 8:56 pm

    dude that was an amazing read i love the musical creative comparisons. you my friend are a great journalist. you said it best here “flashes of brilliant lyrical work highlighted by a do-it-yourself, no shame attitude in the home studio.” i appreciate the love fam

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