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Cee Lo Late at Hangout Fest; Angers Fans Again

May 22, 2011

Nobody expected singer Cee Lo Green to appear late for his 3:30 p.m. slot at Saturday’s edition of the Hangout Music Festival; especially not after Green infuriated thousands of dedicated fans at Cochella just weeks before, when the musician made a 25-minute late arrival.

This picture appeared on the Foo Fighters' official Twitter account with the statement, 'Hangout Music Festival. Gulf Shores, AL. Darling NIkki w/Cee Lo. A SUPER DUPER GROUP!' One things for sure, if this is a super group, it's all thanks to the Foos.

The Hangout Festival’s Twitter account, which had been mostly inactive throughout the weekend, suddenly announcedaround 4 p.m. that the Foo Fighters would be making an early appearance at the main stage Saturday in light of Green’s unexpected absence.

Festival founder Shaul Zislin even made an awkward appearance onstage to share some hardly decipherable remarks, which include “Cee Lo Green, forget you.”

The Foos saved the day (and organizers’ asses) when they hit the stage with commendable energy; Grohl greeting crowds with a “Looks like we’re playing two shows today, let’s make this the fun one, what do you say?”

Launching into covers of Alice Cooper (School’s Out), Queen (Tie Your Mother Down) and Tom Petty (Breakdown), the band had crowds far beyond warmed up when Green finally appeared onstage, collaborating with the Foos in a cover of Prince’s “Darling Nikki.”

Once Green and his backing band owned the stage, they tumbled through a speed bump of his hits, including Green’s “F*** You” (performed as “Forget You”) and “Crazy” from his Gnarls Barkley days.

In less than 15 minutes his performance was over and fans were left to wonder, once again, why Green has been entrusted with big-name festival appearances. Meanwhile, Green tried yet again to sweep up his mess, apologizing via Twitter of his absence, which he attributed to another late flight and subsequent show in New York Saturday morning.

Many have to wonder what this second significant absence will do for Green’s reputation on the live music circuit. Fans take these charades as an insult to their fanship, their time and their money. The Foo Fighters, on the other hand, won an indelible mark on their resume with an unexpected charge onstage to fill the void, showing their gratitude to be there with special covers and crowd-engaging music.

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