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T-Pain Abandons Auto-Tune For New Technology

June 4, 2011

Last Thursday will go down in infamy in the ongoing legend of rapper T-Pain, who vowed to never again use auto-tuning technology in his music.

The news originally broke via the hip-hop news website

T-Pain is exchanging his signature sound for a fresh take. Career ending decision, or career sustaining decision?

Call it the day “the auto-tune died.”

Since 2005, the Tallahassee, Florida native has sold millions of albums, riding the popularized sound of auto-tuned rap and R&B he justifiably helped to elevate. All the while, he has attracted millions of fans and critics alike, who praise his music for its pop production consistency, or bash it for its mechanically-based simplicity.

Nonetheless, for him to abandon the auto-tuning vocoder machine at this point in his career would be like Bob Dylan putting down the guitar in exchange for a drum kit.

Not all is lost however… The musician has promised to exchange the auto-tune for a new technology to elevate his music. Working with Izotope, an audio technology company, the musician has created a new effect he has appropriately dubbed the “T-Pain Effect,” which has yet to leak online or offer any clue as to its basis.

The unveiling of this new T-Pain order is conveniently scheduled for Tuesday, June 7th, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California.

Whether this new technology sinks or soars is a mystery for now; yet T-Pain has already accomplished what any musician would strive for.

He has our attention.

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