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Kaiser Chiefs Reject David Bowie Contribution On New Album

June 5, 2011

English rock band the Kaiser Chiefs made an interesting move with their latest album, The Future Is Medieval, which was released Friday for download via the band’s website.

However the questionable decision is not something you could immediately locate on the record. Rather, its absence is the question entire.

It would be inappropriate to put a picture of Hodgson or the Kaiser Chiefs on this story. Quite frankly, if they're going to reject David Bowie's contribution to their album after asking him, I think their band's existence should be called suspect.

After the Chiefs successfully made contact with longtime rock star and fellow Englishmen David Bowie through their album producer Tony Visconti, the group asked the musician to contribute the finishing lyrics for their song “Man or Mars.”

What Bowie humbly offered however was rejected by the band, according to drummer Nick Hodgson’s interview with News on the World.

“I’m such a big Bowie fan I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they just weren’t right,” said Hodgson. “So I’ve missed out on a Hodgson/Bowie writing credit.”

The drummer added a cocky little following statement, saying “We all know that record has loads of problems, but at least it’s got an attitude, unlike the twee and boring folk music that’s so popular at the moment.”

I guess Hodgson and company were never taught to mind their elders.

What a slap in the face to one of the most memorable, fearless trailblazers to ever emerge from the English rock scene. If Bowie’s lyrics aren’t good enough for a spotty rock band from Leeds, only 14 years into their career, I can’t comprehend Hodgson’s expectations.

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