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Jesse Hughes To Release Solo Album as “Boots Electric”

June 15, 2011

Jesse “The Devil” Hughes has added a funky new chapter in his booty shakin’ saga with the announcement of his upcoming solo release in September. The album, entitled Honkey Kong, is due out September 20th via Dangerbird Records.

Released under the moniker of “Boots Electric,” Hughes is taking one of his classic nicknames (among others) from his EODM days into a solo career. The first single, appropriately titled “Boots Electric Theme,” is now available for free download/stream at his website.

Jesse "The Devil" Hughes is taking the sly, Rolling Stone-esque sound of his Eagles of Death Metal days and infusing a more loose, booty dropping club take as solo artist Boots Electric.

Here’s a juicy addition: the song features Brody Dalle, former singer of the Distillers and now wife to Hughes’ friend, musician Josh Homme.

First emerging in 2003 as the lead singer/guitarist for Eagles of Death Metal, Hughes has since produced three albums with the band, which includes the consistent contributions on drums from Queens of the Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme. While EODM have been an ongoing project since as early as 1998, their albums Peace, Love Death Metal (2004), Death By Sexy (2006) and Heart On (2008) have brought the band’s unique blend of bluesy, sex-infused sounds to a music scene thirsty for fun ensembles.

Co-written by Money Mark, who has lent his influence to many Beastie Boys records, this album strays off from the more traditional rock n’ roll style of Eagles of Death Metal in favor of a more modern sound. Electronic drum kits and keyboard-heavy grooves supplement Hughes’ now classic mix of glam-rock swagger and sensual lyricism.

While some might consider this a somewhat risky move away from Hughes’ comfort zone of wild night rock, you have to honor his spirit to pursue what he has already proven to be truly gift at…and that is writing some damn good pop songs.

Let’s all take a note from J. Devil and take everything a bit less seriously…

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