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Apple Preventing iPhone Live Video

June 20, 2011

According to an article on British newspaper The Daily Mail, Apple is taking strides towards preventing iPhone users from recording live video of performances.

With a patent application already filed, the days of hovering iPhone screens in the audience, capturing all angles of a show for our YouTube delight the next moring, may be nearing an end.

Apple is prepared to inflict a major hindrance to perhaps thier most brilliant device to date, by eliminating users' ability to record videos of concerts.

This technology involves a series of infrared scanners, placed at areas along stage, that trigger iPhone recording applications to automatically shut down when pointed in their direction. All other applications would still be operational; unaffected.

Such a move could earn Apple a strong selling point amongst recording companies hesitant to sell rights to their music for iTunes. It could even empower Apple to charge certain outlets to shoot live events.

A big question is whether or not more industries, such as theater, cinema and even sporting events will adopt these technologies for its encompassing security to unfavorable sharing.

The biggest winner of this revolutionary idea could be media outlets, who will no longer have to compete with the relentless recording eye of a public quicker to upload amateur footage of shows and divert online traffic.

At the least, this could be a very dangerous move by the conglomerate giant. Undoubtedly, a resistant public will still do everything it can to share its live music experiences on an ongoing social media network.

Will this technology alienate fans from their freedom to record their favorite moments, or filter out amateur shooters for a more professional coverage online?

It’s up to the fans and consumers to decide.

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