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The Game Facing Twitter Charges?

August 16, 2011

Rapper The Game has always been a self-proclaimed ‘bad boy,’ what with his Los Angeles roots and outspoken loyalties to thug culture.

The Game (front center) and what I suppose are some of his previous interns on the clock. As the Sheriff of Compton found out Friday evening, Game's initiation process for interns can be quite interfering.

Perhaps no act speaks more to Game’s criminal nature than the prank he pulled Friday via his Twitter page. Okay, we admit we’re being sarcastic when we connect this act to traditional thug culture, but it is inciting criminal charges for obstruction of police officers from carrying out their duties.

Posting a picture of a phone number, The Game tweeted that he intended to hire an intern. Naturally, the response was massive from his 580,000+ followers, who began flooding phone lines to the Compton Sheriff’s Station in Compton, California. Our first question…what the fuck would Game’s intern do anyway? Run to the store to grab 40’s for everyone, ordering new studio equipment, tattooing Game and his cronies…etc?

The prank eliminated any chances of actual crimes being reported to the sheriff’s office for hours on end, inciting the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to issue a release in response to the incident.

“These needless phone calls interfered with the ability of sheriff’s desk personnel to answer the business line phones and 9-1-1 calls, and for dispatchers to send help to people who really needed it,” said Captain Mike Parker of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau. “We don’t know how many people needed help but couldn’t get through the overwhelmed phone lines.”

Later, the rapper, born Charles Louboutin, removed the tweet from his profile page, responding shortly after with “Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders! Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job.”

However, in a moment of brilliant cover-up, Game summarily told that a friend of his sent the Tweet while the rapper was in a photo shoot. Game even insisted that this ‘friend’ or INTERN didn’t realize the number corresponded with the sheriff’s office number.

See. That explains everything. This has all been a BIG misunderstanding.

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