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Nick Oliveri Holds Five Hour Standoff With Police

August 18, 2011

Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri was arrested last month after a five hour standoff with police and SWAT forces at his Los Angeles home.

Oliveri's fall from stardom has been harsh, but completely liable. Years of violence, drug abuse and wild behavior have caught one of rock and roll's notorious bad boys.

The 39-year-old musician is facing up to 15 years of imprisonment after being booked for what began as a felony domestic violence case. Oliveri was holding his girlfriend against her will, which eventually attracted police to the scene via unknown sources. The troubled rockstar eventually released what we suspect is his ex-girl now, as police proceeded to shoot out the lights outside the home.

Another two hours passed before Oliveri surrendered, at which time police initiated an investigation of the residence, discovering a loaded, high-powered rifle, cocaine and methamphetamine. Later reports have Oliveri facing four felonies in total, including two counts of posession of a controlled substance with a firearm, two counts of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor count of resisting and obstructing a peace officer.

Oliveri was expelled from Queens of the Stone Age by frontman and founder Josh Homme in 2004 after discovering his abusive relationship with his girlfriend. (Whom we can only assume was another poor woman.)

The charges come at an inopportune time for Oliveri, who had numerous slated performances with Kyuss Lives, a reunion group featuring three-fourths of stoner-rock forefathers Kyuss, whom Oliveri and Homme served as original members for.


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