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Radiohead Slated For SNL Season Debut

August 18, 2011

Following February's release of King of Limbs, Thom Yorke hit the streets of London to pass out Radiohead newspapers in a mockery of the ongoing recession of newspapers in today's media. Yorke and Co. are always about making a statement, like they did last time they appeared on SNL in 2000...

With the 37th season of Saturday Night Live revved up and ready to rock T.V. sets starting September 24th, 2011.

Notwithstanding the exciting news that Alec Baldwin is returning for his 16th lap as an SNL host, British rockers Radiohead have been confirmed as the musical guest for the season debut. The band’s last appearance on the popular skit-comedy show came in 2000, when the group had the rare opportunity of performing two songs, unleashing a wickedly strange version of “Idioteque,” as well as a powerful edition of “National Anthem,” complete with a backing brass band.

The English band recently released their eighth studio album, King of Limbs, in February to mixed reviews. Whether the band will return the ‘weird’ to Saturday Night Live’s prototypical array of mainstream artists (i.e. Lady GaGa, Kanye West, Taylor Swift) in September remains to be seen.

Ah fuck that, they’ll probably bring some real shit we couldn’t possibly speculate.

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