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Scarface Released from Prison, Working on New Material

August 23, 2011

While Scarface is a mastermind of the Houston rap sound, his personal decisions with how to manage child support payments are a bit quizzical.

Scarface, along with DMX, fall in a class of once-elite rappers who are dropping new records after being released from prison this year.

In February it was revealed that the rapper was imprisoned, having entered in October of 2010. Really, pretty amazing that his crew was able to keep that one under wraps. If your personal issues were as reliable as your inner circle Scarface, we’re sure you wouldn’t have found yourself in this fix. Name drop!

According to Bossip, the rapper owed approximately $123,00 in charges stemming from unpaid child support.

Yet today, HipHopDX was the first to report that Scarface, who was born Brad Jordan, was released from the Harris County prison in Texas and is, wait for it, already working on new material. I guess he found inspiration after struggling behind bars for not paying bills he was more than capable of affording. One representative of his had this to say…

“Face is home and he’s already busy working on releasing new material. It’s not going to take him long to fall right back into the swing of things.”

Prior to his incarceration, the Geto Boys founder was working on his twelfth solo effort, entitled The Habit, in which he supposedly enlisted the talents of Drake and John Legend to produce.

If it’s anything like The Diary, I’ll say the time spent locked down was well worth it…at least for the fans.

That said…here’s my favorite, classic Scarface track.

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