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Outlawz Allegedly Smoked Tupac’s Ashes

August 31, 2011

If the Outlawz really smoked Tupac's ashes, we can now cross that one off the list of 'how to inherit rap talents.'

Tupac Shakur left an impressionable legacy on rap and hip-hop music following his work in the 1990s and eventual death in 1996 from a gunman’s assault.

One of his most lasting and final creations was his rap group Outlawz, which he founded approximately one year before his passing. Previously known as the Outlaw Immortalz, the group first appeared on Shakur’s All Eyez on Me album, lending vocals to various tracks.

Following Shakur’s death, the 11-member group began to split, with some remaining members signing with Death Row Records as an act. The partnership with Death Row was one Shakur had requested the Outlawz members to never enjoin, perhaps after his own struggles for artistic freedom under the tyrannical ownership of label CEO Suge Knight.

Now, a rumor has materialized that members of Outlawz apprehended Tupac’s ashes following his memorial service and in an impromptu post-service, smoking it in a blunt mixed with marijuana (great granddaddy California kush to be specific).

At the very least, I guess we can now scientifically reject the notion that smoking someone’s ashes will allow you to inherit their musical talents.

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