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Cee Lo Green Was Behind Bruno Mars’ Biggest Hit

September 12, 2011

Cee Lo Green has used his talents to elevate his own career and even other more fortunate sons like Bruno Mars.

Cee Lo Green has been making a lot of noise this year and I don’t mean on the stage. Aside from nonstop touring and his contributions to NBC’s hit show “The Voice,” Green was extremely tardy to major music festival stops at Coachella and Hangout, inciting a backlash from fans and media everywhere.

Recently, Green was on time for an interesting interview with Joshua Ostroff of Spinner, in which the musician revealed the true nature of one of 2010’s biggest billboard hits. Apparently, “Just the Way You Are,” which was recorded and released by Bruno Mars to raving reviews last year, was originally penned as a potential addition to Green’s 2010 album The Lady Killer. Green claimed that approximately 70 songs were composed for the album, which took over three years to produce, including the eventual Mars single.

“Just the Way You Are” went on to become one of Mars’ biggest hits, eventually reaching the number one spot on the Billboard singles charts. Granted, Mars did contribute to the song’s writing and composition, but to what extent, shall remain unknown.

That question will have to wait for Green’s next interview, which will hopefully follow more mimosas.

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