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Paul Simon Plays At Ground Zero

September 12, 2011

Paul Simon is one of many musicians to thank when acknowledging the nationwide contributions to the healing following the September 11th attacks.

Musicians, like other entertainers, have served as some of the greatest outlets for healing after the nationwide attacks on our country on September 11, 2001.

Whether its connecting with your favorite song, hearing a loved artist on the radio or even witnessing an intimate performance at the heels of disaster, music has always been a source of reflection, where life’s adversities are counterbalanced by simple joys.

The tenth anniversary of September 11th was no finish line for the healing, nor the music, as Paul Simon reminded visitors at Ground Zero Sunday. Simon performed his classic hit “The Sound of Silence,” which he originally penned as part of his folk duo Simon & Garfunkel following the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

It was an ideal selection by Simon, whose song now vibrates with tragedies of two generations. Just a reminder of the inevitable adversity we all will face as people and as Americans.

Simon, who also took part in charitable performances immediately following the attacks in 2001, has always played the noble humanitarian. The songwriter has a firsthand understanding of the power of music in healing, often contributing to Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization providing frre instruments and lessons to ambitious schoolchildren.

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