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Alligator Boots: Kanye West’s Puppet Show That Never Materialized

September 13, 2011

Kanye West may be a whiny bitch, but his could-have-been show seems of good humor.

Back in 2008, news broke of Kanye West’s involvement in a new Comedy Central program with a premium name….wait for it…

Alligator Boots.

That’s right. However by September of last year, what little news that had leaked about the project became obsolete when it was prematurely cancelled. The show was originally intended as a ‘hip hop meets the Muppets’ show, produced by Jackhole Productions, the same team behind other Comedy Central hits such as “The Man Show,” “Crank Yankers” and more recently “Sports Show with Norm McDonald.”

Rhymefest originally partnered with West, lending voices and ideas for the raunchy puppet show. Now that all plans for the program have sunk, a 9-minute video including clips, backstage footage and interviews has surfaced, enlightening of us of a tempting way we could have been wasting our lives with television.

The footage, which you can watch below, includes Kim Kardashian’s ass in a Princess Leia costume, a fresh song called “Baby in the Club” and an appearance by “Beary White.”

As of now, no reasons for the show’s cancellation have come to light. One thing’s for sure, this could have been a glorious crash between the comic potential of the Muppets, the soulful humor stylistics of Mr. West and Company and the production genius of Jackhole. Think Crank Yankers meets Dave Chappelle Show.

Damn. Damn. Damn!


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