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James Brown Was Murdered…FYI

September 18, 2011

One of Brown's daughters, who only recently was confirmed to be blood-related through a DNA test, believes her father was killed over money.

Jacque Hollander, the former publicist for legendary soul musician James Brown, has recently hired a private investigator to examine the shadowy circumstances surrounding the late singer’s death on Christmas Day 2006. In an interview with the Globe, stating ‘he did not die from a heart attack.’

While offering few details of her own hypothesis as to the murder process, Hollander has revealed her own recession into hiding, citing the reception of death threats following her enlistment of an investigator. Crazed rock and roll publicist, or brave champion of justice?

Scoff if you’d like, but unlike the Kurt Cobain assassination conspiracy circus, the few details surrounding this accusation are interesting nonetheless. Such as the 2008 murder of Brown’s son Darren Lumar, which Atlanta police were unable to solve. Not surprisingly, Hollander claims Lumar’s murder was the result of his 2007 interview with an Atlanta news station, in which Lumar rejected his father’s death as a heart attack.

“There’s not a bone in my body that believes my father-in-law died from congestive heart failure,” Lumar said.

“He was going to tell the truth about what was done to James Brown,” Hollander cited. “Now I am living in fear of my life because I’m the one who can bring forth the truth.”

That’s not the only strange aspect of this story. For years, Brown’s daughter LaRhonda Pettit has repeatedly demanded an autopsy be performed on her late father’s body. One problem. Brown’s body mysteriously went missing from its tomb in 2010, according to Pettit. The body is supposedly resting at the home of Deanna Brown-Thomas, another daughter of Brown’s, in South Carolina.

So…..James Brown’s body was waiting for the completion of a permanent burial spot, which has taken over four years to complete? What is there a line to get in the ground or something?

One thing’s for sure. More facts and falsities are sure to stem from the growing number of illegitimate children of Brown’s.

This is funked up… In other news, who knew this video existed?


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