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Foo Fighters Mock Protesting Right-Wing Extremists

September 20, 2011

You have to love the Foo Fighters' ability to take a tense moment for K.C. locals and turn it into a celebration.

Well this video is simply unbelievable, to say the least. Just weeks after the Foo Fighters shocked us with their latest video release, a loud tour announcement which features all four members showering nude together, the band has revived their trucker outfits of said video for a more public charade.

The band was stopping over in Kansas City prior to their Friday night performance at the Sprint Center when the foursome decided to make a preliminary appearance outside the venue. Reasons being, the Westboro Baptist Church had organized a picket line the afternoon before the concert, undoubtedly a response to the band’s homoerotic “Hot Buns” video.

While I’m not the biggest advocate of bands or public figures unpredictably using their fame to spread political messages, I think it goes without saying that Westboro Baptist Church is exempt from any sympathy. Just take a visit to their website ( if you don’t believe when I say they are a crazed, brainwashed bunch who thrive on hatred and preach a message of impending doom for all.

Shit. I guess now my website is politically affiliated.

Damn. I guess it’s not that easy.

Well, rock on Foos.

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