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Pink Floyd Week on Jimmy Fallon

September 23, 2011

Pink Floyd will be the central focus of all of this week's performers on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It's safe to say that no band has ever enjoyed a tribute this extensive in late night television history.

With Pink Floyd’s anticipated reissue campaign set to begin this Monday, super fans across the globe are readying their wallets for a series of releases not seen for some time by the legendary English rock band.

However, for those of you not ready to dole out some chunks of change for another reissue campaign in this dwindling economy of ours, there’s a special treat in store for you that is cost-free. (Make that FIVE cost-free treats.)

Starting Monday, that insanely fortunate music aficionado and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon will be hosting a different musical guest, Monday through Friday, who will perform a cover of a Pink Floyd classic. Here is the official schedule:

– Monday 9.26The Shins perform “Breathe” from Dark Side of the Moon. Nick Mason will be interviewed as well.
– Tuesday 9.27The Wall’s mastermind Roger Waters will join Foo Fighters in performing “In the Flesh” from said album. Waters will also participate in an interview.
– Wednesday 9.28MGMT will perform the very early Floyd song “Lucifer Sam.”
– Thursday 9.29Dierks Bentley will perform “Wish You Were Here,” from the album of the same name…duh.
– Friday 9.30Pearl Jam will play “Mother” from The Wall, in what I expect to be the most challenging, if not interesting transition of sounds of any performer.

That said, be sure to set your DVR’s to 12:30 a.m. EST each night, so you can catch the performances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which airs on NBC.

I wonder if Questlove and the Roots will get involved in any Floyd renditions? Can Quest really contain himself?


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