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Classic: Dave Grohl on The Daily Show Circa 1999

September 25, 2011

When Grohl brings a copy of Stewart's latest book to the interview, Jon naturally asks where he acquired a copy. Grohl's answer, "Someone gave it to me."

Nothing new here, unless you failed to miss this fantastic Dave Grohl interview on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” 12 years ago.

Since inheriting the reigns of the program from Craig Kilborne in 1999, Jon Stewart has driven the satirical news show to new heights, often with the assistance of today’s biggest politicians, public figures, actors and musicians. Notwithstanding, Dave Grohl’s appearance on a November 3rd, 1999 episode is interesting to note today.

The Foo Fighters frontman was then only five years and three albums into his post-Nirvana career, with his band’s latest and greatest studio effort, There’s Nothing Left to Lose, fresh on the shelves. Since then, Grohl has elevated himself to one of rock’s most recognizable faces, continuing his work with the Foos while expanding his reach with super groups Probot (2004) and Them Crooked Vultures (2009).

The interview is a great glimpse into Grohl’s relentless sense of humor; the same that made his music videos for “Learn to Fly” and “Breakout” staples of the 1990s video era.

The Foos collective sense of comedy is of no shortage today either, as witnessed in Kansas City a few weeks ago at a heated hate rally.
But enough bullshit, just watch the video and laugh for yourself…

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