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Rhapsody Purchases Napster from Best Buy

October 3, 2011

The darling of file sharing, Napster, has taken another major step in the continued legend of its ascent from an illegal P2P program to major music-distributing market player.

The saga of file sharing trailblazer Napster may be nearing an end with Rhapsody's acquisition of the music service. We'll always love you Shawn Fanning.

Rhapsody, the popular online music service based out of San Francisco, announced today its purchase of the Napster brand from Best Buy. With the acquisition comes over 200,000 Napster subscribers and one of the most recognizable logos of the early 2000s in the blue ‘cat face.’

After many copyright lawsuits led to the Napster name being purchased by Roxio Inc. at a bankruptcy auction, the music server was re-branded and re-marketed, polishing itself up before major electronic retailer Best Buy acquired it for $121 million in 2008.

Speculation remains that Rhapsody will retired the Napster name in favor of its own going forward.

Rhapsody President John Irwin’s quotes today suggested as such, stating “We’re excited to welcome Napster music fans to the best on-demand music experience anywhere.”

Either way, the move is a progressive step for Rhapsody, who now faces the task of competing with popular music sharing competitors such as Spotify and MOG.

In other news, anyone remember Shawn Fanning in this hilarious Volkswagen commercial from 2008?

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