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Tom Morello Uplifts Occupy Wall Street Protestors

October 14, 2011

For many of the younger generation of listeners of the new century, Rage Against the Machine was the closest we came to political enlightenment, considering how much attention we were paying in junior high school social studies.

Morello taught us Gen Y'ers about political activism in our early days. Now he's encouraging us as members of the 99%.

Now it’s 2011 and the former Rage guitarist (now composing his own music as The Nightwatchman) is stepping up to bat for the people. Funny. Kanye West and Russell Simmons weren’t so quick to offer any kind of support.

Making an appearance at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan Thursday, Morello performed some acoustic songs and shared encouraging words with protestors of the ever-growing Occupy Wall Street movement. The musician played four songs, including “The Fabled City” and “Save the Hammer for the Man,” two numbers he co-composed, before launching into Woody Guthrie’s classic “This Land is Your Land.” Morello quickly recruited the voices of his ‘friends’ around him, as he addressed them, teaching onlookers his “World Wide Rebel Songs.”

The musician openly addressed media members, offering his own perspectives on the situation, while lightening the mood with his own charming humor.

“I don’t think that you have to be a Harvard graduate in Political Science to comment on political matters, but I’m a Harvard graduate of Political Science,” Morello quipped.

Watch the interview here:

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