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Check out: The Viscounts

October 17, 2011

When this is the only working image you can find to accompany a band review, it's a good sign. This band isn't out to produce great band portraits. They're out to make fucking music.

There’s been a little blues rock ensemble floating around Brooklyn lately and its caught my ears. If I should be commercially polite, take the modern approach of the Black Keys and cross it with the timeless reverberations of the Allman Brothers Band (Statesboro Blues era). Vocally, the harmonization is not far from moe., minus the more psychedelically inspired lyrics.

Now before you raise those expectations sky high, take note that this band has been on the radar for approximately zero days. With scarce information regarding the band on the Internet, I had to turn to a rogue Twitter account for a starting point. The band, compromised of Jason Stahl (bass),
Zach Kaye (guitar), Joel Wolfram (vocals) and Jack Lenehan (drums), is a crash between Stahl and Kaye’s blues affinity.

While at Vassar College on the Hudson, the duo tackled hits by Chuck Berry, Elvis, John Lee Hooker and more. Those sessions have now transpired to form an independent take on their own downtrodden recession blues.

Their song “Peripheral Vision” is undoubtedly their magnum opus thus far.

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  1. Amie permalink
    October 17, 2011 9:30 pm

    Love them!

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