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Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Splitting Up

October 17, 2011

This could be the beginning of the end for one of alternative music's pioneering outfits. Truly saddening.

Long known as one of music’s power couples, Kim Gordon, 58, and Thurston Moore, 53,  endured the waves of rock stardom for 27 years through a fruitful marriage.

Co-founding the now infamous alternative rock group Sonic Youth in 1980, the pair married in 1984. Gordon (bass/vocals) and Moore (guitar/vocals) helped escalate the band to the forefront of the ‘no-wave’ movement in the burgeoning 1980s New York City scene. The band went on to produce 16 studio albums, alongside countless B-sides, rarities, live recordings and miscellaneous offerings.

Matador, the band’s current label, made the announcement today. Notably, Sonic Youth were scheduled to go on the road in South America in November; a tour which Catherine Herrick of the Beggars Group confirms will go as planned.

Plans beyond that tour are uncertain however, as “the couple has requested respect for their personal privacy and does not wish to issue further comment.”

This band has created a legend through their music as much as their longevity. However, its hard to imagine the group overcoming this issue easily. With many of the band members now pushing past the half-century mark, this could be the beginning of the end for Sonic Youth.

Makes you feel old (and depressed), doesn’t it?

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