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iTunes Defeating Spotify, According to Google

October 24, 2011

Today’s race for digital music distribution supremacy just produced an interesting result.

As seen on Google's search data from the last month, Spotify and its primary partner Facebook have yet to make any major exposure strides against market competitor iTunes.

According to information released by Google Search on Thursday, October 20th, Apple’s iTunes service is holding a comfortable lead on new industry noisemaker Spotify. This conclusion, objective as it may be at this point in time, is based on search results Google has tracked in the last 30 days, which notify that iTunes created 5.25 times as much search traffic as rival Spotify.

In this last 30 month’s, reigning social media host Facebook has integrated Spotify as one of its newest partners. The social media giant, driven by internet visionary Mark Zuckerburg, plans to replicate the successes of the European-based business, which allows users to stream music freely, from mobile and home devices. This is all tying into the upcoming Facebook Music campaign.

Naturally, many expected Spotify’s exposure and popularity to enjoy a major boost following its marriage with Facebook and yet, 30 days into this marriage….well its like they say, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

While thirty days isn’t nearly long enough for Facebook’s music campaign to make major waves, it is more apparent that iTunes, launched by the late Steve Jobs in 2001, is the strong leader amongst today’s music providers.

Me thinks Zuckerburg knows what he’s doing. Let’s monitor this one…

On another note, Apple’s revolutionary mp3 player, the iPod, enjoyed its tenth birthday today.


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