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Adam Levine and Fox News Wage Brief Twitter War

October 25, 2011

It seems Fox News can make enemies with just about any artist or musician at will. All it takes is a quick play of their material to accompany one of its right-wing extremist programs.

On Monday, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 became the news network’s latest victim, when Fox’s early morning program, “Fox & Friends,” used an excerpt from the band’s 2004 hit “She Will Be Loved” in its presentation of a ‘news story’ about a cheerleader who fell into a pool at the Pan Am Games in Mexico. By Wednesday, Levine had caught wind of the misappropriation, quickly taking to Twitter to express his frustration.

It wasn’t long before Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox’s late night talk show “Red Eye,” joined in on the fun. Gutfeld even dedicated a lengthy portion of his intellectually stimulating show to bash the singer and his band, calling their music ‘crap.’

God I love a nice, pointless feud between musicians and television hosts with too much time on their hands…

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