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Baskettcase: Blind Pilot Soars

November 1, 2011

A Column by Jeremy Baskett

Blind Pilot is one of Portland's finest musical products in recent years. At least, according to the Baskettcase.

Just like the rest of you, college opened my eyes to a plethora of new and exciting music. To genres and artists I had never heard of, to music that made me go into a state of bliss. I share with you today an experience I had at one of my favorite concerts to date. A band that reeks of the nostalgia of my college experiences.

That band is Blind Pilot.

This indie folk-rock band hails from Portland, Oregon. They released their debut album, 3 Rounds and a Sound, in 2008 and shortly after in early ’09 I finally downloaded it after hearing it at a party. The group had started becoming marginally known, playing small-yet-significant venues such as The Troubadour and The El Rey back in California. And yet, I waited for them to come up a little closer to me. Early August came around and I had bought tickets to see them at a small shop in Santa Barbara called Muddy Waters. I was accompanied by a few of my good friends and we decided to go up early for a couple bottles of wine to get ready for the show.

After accomplishing a satisfactory buzz, we got to the venue and faced a large line. The line was moving, and we actually managed to get a spot right in front. After one opening act, Blind Pilot began to set up. Our place was perfect and because of the location being a small coffee shop, there was no stage, allowing us eye level with the performers. Blind Pilot began playing and everyone was serenaded by the smooth sounds. They played nearly their whole album and then played a couple new ones, including “We are the Tide” which is the name of their newest album, released only two months ago.

I can go on and on about the night that I saw this band, but I will leave it at this. The memories of that day will always live with me and will always mark one of the high points in my college experience. Blind Pilot is currently touring now, and they have three dates in NYC coming this weekend and still have plenty of touring left. I urge you all to go, and create new memories, with good people, over some truly great music.

Tour Dates for Blind Pilot are as follows:

11/3 – Union Transfer – Philadelphia

11/4 – Bowery Ballroom – NYC

11/5 – Bowery Ballroom – NYC

11/6 – 9:30 Club – Washington D.C.

11/7 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – NYC

11/8 – Paradise Rock Club – Boston

11/10 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto

11/11 – Blind Pig – Ann Arbor

11/12 – Earth House – Indianapolis

11/13 – Park West – Chicago

11/15 – Bluebird Theater – Denver

11/18 – El Rey Theater – Los Angeles

11/19 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco

11/20 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco

11/23 – Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR

12/1 – The Wild Buffalo – Bellingham, WA

12/2 – Neptune Theatre – Seattle

12/3 – Venue – Vancouver, BC

Blind Pilot – Story I Heard

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