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The Bittersweet Ambience of lightsweetcrude

November 1, 2011

Lightsweetcrude offer a pleasant marriage between the modern American jam scene and the seldom heard, Middle Eastern raga.

This is a memo to yogis…and anyone else who appreciates the mental balance one can achieve through music.

Consisting of Alexei Orechin (electric guitar), Michael Kaler (bass), Mark Segger (drums) and Jason Steidman (organ/laptop), this band is exploring a new realm of fusion, split by Middle Eastern influenced raga and modern American jam. The group hails from Toronto, Canada; just another unlikely aspect of an extraordinary group.

As part of a beautiful pairing, the band is set to open for Toubab Krewe on November 17th in Toronto, as part of the fourth annual NuJazz Festival. If you’re in the land of red leaves, I suggest you swing by the show. Tickets are still available for only $15.

Strangely, the only prior source I could compare this music to is the soundtrack of Nintendo’s Tetris 64, released for the Nintendo 64 console in 1998. Want to become familiar? I suggest starting with their track “Ahir / Now.”

You can listen to the band’s latest six track album Listen to the Colour on their bandcamp page and purchase the album for a measly $4.99.

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