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Detroit Fans Petitioning Nickelback’s Thanksgving Performance

November 4, 2011

Detroit Lions fans are amidst one of the greatest seasons in their franchise's history and for some unholy reason, Nickelback has been chosen to lead the celebrations.

This year’s annual Thanksgiving Day game might be the most anticipated for Detroit Lions fans in decades.

With their team currently sitting at second place in the competitive NFC North division at 6-2, their traditional holiday home game with the defending champion Green Bay Packers has fans salivating for more than just roasted turkey. And yet, there’s one aspect of this year’s Thanksgiving menu that is leaving the Detroit faithful nauseous.


The Canadian rock band has been scheduled to perform at the game’s halftime show, inciting a vicious backlash from fans near and afar. Longtime Lions fan and Thanksgiving Day ticket holder Dennis Guttman has mobilized the masses, creating an online petition for fans to share their grievances with the odd selection. (To sign the petition, you can go here.)

“There’s so much good musical talent in the area, known for being Michigan people,” Guttman told Page 2 by phone Wednesday night, citing Kid Rock and Bob Seger. “Nickelback was the last thing I expected them to throw out there for the halftime show.”

And how. Seger, a rock and roll legend and Michigan native, is currently on what many expect to be his final tour. The leader of the Silver Bullet Band will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 19th, with his next performance scheduled for Baltimore, Maryland on the 25th. No reason they can’t still land him for the November 24th game.

That said, Detroit is also home of Motown music, one of America’s most historically significant homegrown genres. Not only that, Eminem is one of hip-hop’s most relevant artists this century and the 8-mile native is not touring again until December.

“It would be fantastic if they change it. … I’d like to hear some good music during halftime — hopefully something that better represents Detroit,” said Guttman.

It’s not like Detroit is suffering from a shortage of talented musicians; at least not to the extent where you would import a Canadian band of the caliber of Nickelback…

Okay, enough encouragement. GO PETITION. Do it for the good people of Detroit…

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