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Baskettcase: Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan in Legal Tiff

November 9, 2011

A Column by Jeremy Baskett

Hot Hot Music wants to take this opportunity to assure readers that this will be the last time Lindsay Lohan is featured in any form of news segments. Frankly, our staff finds her private actions unfathomable and utterly irrelevant to the rest of our lives. Like I said, unless she suddnely has a baby with Jack White, expect this to be her curtain call here at HHM.

Anyone who is alive and has their finger on the pulse of the web knows about the slow downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan, which will most likely result in death. As if it couldn’t get any worse for Lindsay, who is so desperate for cash she is now posing for the January issue of Playboy Magazine.

That money might come in handy, considering she now has a lawsuit on her hands.

Wait. Did I say lawsuit? I meant countersuit.

Rapper Pitbull filed a countersuit against Lohan this week in retaliation of her defamation lawsuit she ordered in August. The material at question appears in a Pitbull song, where the rapper rhymes “I got it locked like Lindsey Lohan” on his track “Give me Everything.” The hip-hop musician went on to publicly apologize, stating that he meant no harm or disrespect towards her.

The still offended, and broke, Lohan went ahead with the lawsuit.

Pitbull is now charging back with his countersuit, saying that his lyrics were justified, as Lohan has had multiple jail stints and is currently on probation. That shouldn’t be hard. Wow. They should hire me as the lawyer.

I guess when you mess with a Pitbull, you get the teeth. (At least as a legal metaphor.)

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