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The Radio Reds Drop ‘Legitimate Business’ Demo

November 15, 2011

The Radio Reds are a testament to the still lingering new wave sound of Greensboro.

Speaking of news coming out of Greensboro, North Carolina today, another local band is making some new wave noise in their latest demo.

The band grew from playing a number of Kent’s acoustic-written works, before translating them into a heavier package, drawing influence from the likes of the Replacements, the Hold Steady and R.E.M. Their latest demo is a live recording taken from their sessions at Legitimate Business Studios in Greensboro and features three originals as well as a cover of the Ramones’ classic “Poison Heart.”

“Wallpaper” certainly stands out as a powerful original. A jangly, fast-driven response to the recession of the new wave sound of the 21st century. Kent’s vocals, coupled with the support of his brother Michael, are reminiscent of Bloc Party, minus the British accents.

This band is still flying far under the radar, so go give them a listen on their demos and or E.P.’s a listen on their Facebook page and be the first of your friends to recommend them.

The Radio Reds were formed by Stephen Kent, alongside guitarist Patrick Boyd. Aaron Schimmel were later join on drums, with Michael Kent serving as bassist and supporting vocals.

You can visit the band’s Reverb Nation page, or their BandCamp site for some free listening.

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