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Members of Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses and Screaming Trees Form New Supergroup

March 4, 2013

Supergroups invoke a certain fascination about them that, naturally, any other new band could not muster.

When current and former members of major acts band together, ears gravitate to the project to hear brilliantly composed new material, or tunes that fall disappointingly short of the lofty expectations fans set.


Martin (L) and McCready (R) are joining former Guns ‘N Roses bassist Duff McKagan in a new supergroup that harkens unreleased Mad Season material, as well as new material.

This week, news broke that Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and former Screaming Trees’ drummer Barrett Martin were collectively stepping to the plate that other supergroups stand. For fans, nothing less than a home-run is expected.

The group, which is as of yet unnamed, first came to fruition when McCready and Martin were re-working demos tracks from the unreleased Mad Season album Disinformation. McCready and Martin previously collaborated in the group Mad Season in the mid-1990s, alongside grunge idols Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) and John Baker Saunders (The Walkabouts).

(To complete the collaborative triangle, Martin and McKagan also work together in the group Walking Papers, which has been active since 2012.)

McCready and Martin are preparing a deluxe reissue of the only Mad Season album, Above, set for re-release on April 2nd.

The band is expecting to add multiple vocalists to bring life to new and old material. Once completed, the group’s album will likely be released on McCready’s Hockeytalkter Records.

“I had a whole bunch of song ideas and Mike had a whole bunch of song ideas and Duff had a whole bunch of song ideas that were not making it into Walking Papers,” said Martin. “We decided that we would go into the studio and record them. Right now they’re being sent out to different singers. Mike and Duff are overseeing that because they know everybody.”

Mike McCready also touched on the group’s origins, stating… “Duff and Barrett and I got together. We wrote some new stuff and we took some of those old Mad Season demos from that [unreleased] second Disinformation record, so we are trying to find something to do with those. We’re talking to Jaz from Killing Joke and I’ve been trying to find some singers to work on some of that stuff.”
McCready noted that no release timetable of any kind is determined yet.
“As the different singers finish their songs and turn them in, that will determine when they get put out,” McCready joked.
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